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An Awakening Journey

The Sacred Art Of Courtney Davis

Edited by Judith Nilan

Published by Hill Of Tara Press

Publication date February 1st 2017

76 pages, 76 colour plates.

Price 20 euros.

Courtney Davis lives and works at the Tara Open Studio, on the Hill Of Tara, Meath, in Ireland.

Courtney Davis has created art for over 50 publications since 1984 on various Celtic and spiritual subjects though in all that time he has never written down about his magical experiences while creating his art before.

In his latest book  An Awakening Journey  we are for the first time given an insight to an extraordinary powerful experience that changed Courtney's life,  how that effected his art and totally transformed  the way he worked. The book follows this transformation  over a two year period between 2011- 2012 and offers his spiritual observations as well as sharing the paintings that have been likened to portals that transport the viewer to spirit worlds.

Courtney Davis bio

Courtney Davis was born in South Wales, on the night of All Hallows, and a few hours before the Great Celtic Festival of Samhain. He spent many years working on his art and books in Dorset in the West Country of the U.K and came to West Cork, in Ireland  to live in 2013 and invited to Hill of Tara in 2014

Courtney has created over 50 published books and regularly exhibited his art in the U.K. And U.S.A., Europe and Japan. Displays of his work have included the British Museum at the Matter Of Britain Exhibition, the Cathedrals of  Tewkesbury, Salisbury and Worcester.

He has been filmed for two documentaries in the U.K. and numerous TV talk shows in the U.S.A.

At New Year 2017 his art was projected onto buildings and sacred sites  across Ireland  as part of the Illuminate Her Story Festival.

“ There are moments in your  life when everything that symbolises stability gets unexpectedly turned upside down and will never be the same again. This happened to me in 2011 and the result was two years of trying to establish who Courtney Davis was, the changes I had experienced had reverberated through all my belief system and triggered an enormous change in how I work with my art. This new book An Awakening Journey is a direct result of people's constant questions as they view the art hanging on the wall in front of them. Their  initial response is always  that it's obviously  been created on computer and then shocked to hear every paint stroke and every dot has been painted by hand. After they have taken in the fact, they are more than curious and  attentive as I relate the story behind the work and this book elaborates on a rather quicker version than normally offered in the gallery.

I have mostly spent my life alone in my studio, creating art and books that on odd occasions such as my book signing tours offer me some feedback to my work. My  three years on Tara  made me realise that it was important to share the background magic. If this book helps one person get a greater clarity to their own journey after reading this book, then this humble artist is pretty satisfied.”  May All Your Lights Shine! Courtney Davis

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