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Breath Of The Beloved


Christ Consciousness


PATHWAY THROUGH THE LABYRINTH  Painted when the moon passed in front of the sun in 2012. Pathway through the labyrinth was the first painting after a significant spiritual experience in 2011 and heralded a change in my art. It was the first of 5 paintings that were part of an embodying process I was going through expressing the changing states I was experiencing. The central labyrinth expresses the inner pathway with its twists and turns; the outer star represents the protective Universe, The Beloved that enfolds and protects us as we endeavour to connect ourselves once more to Oneness.

STEPPING INTO THE FIRE Completed when Saturn passed across the Sun in 2012 It’s very unusual for me to start a painting and stop to start another before the others completion.  I began Stepping Into The Fire a few days after the Moon’s eclipse of the Sun, then my connection to it dropped away, only to reappear later when Saturn crossed the Sun. The five paintings mirror things that were arising within me and what was happening about me. Standing fearlessly within the fire, in stillness while everything around seemed in chaos. I sense it has a fiery portal to help our  passage to enlightenment.  At the central point is the Still Centre of Being: everything else orbits round this. At my Glastonbury show in 2012 there was a strong reaction to this piece of work and un-settled many people, especially those who spoke of not standing up to their fears .

 PHOENIX RISING Painted as the planets lined up  in a Planetary Alignment in 2012 The third of the series of paintings and this heralded a distinct change in the way I viewed my life, very much a distinct releasing from the connection to painful past memories. The Phoenix represents the freeing of the physical bonds that long tied it to the trance of reality. Awakening is born of re-birth through fire, it’s very much part of the opening to our true and cosmic being.

OPENING TO THE BELOVED Ego played a large part in my earlier work, being a self taught artist with no artistic training I suffered a  low self-esteem and had a strong need to impress through my work. Painting was a place where I could loose myself and be safe from external problems. When I completed a painting, I had a strong emotional hold on the art. Transition, Opening To The Beloved was the 4th painting of the series and on completing this painting felt I had reached a milestone, it felt very different. It was the first piece of work where there was a sense of separation from its execution, there was only the brush, paint, paper and movement. BREATH OF THE BELOVED Breath Of The Beloved I feel is the culmination  of the series of paintings that had brought many changes in my life and a peeling away of different layers that I had been holding onto. Breath Of The Beloved has the sense for me that with its completion I had totally given up fighting and the realization that The Beloved actually was better equipped to know what I needed than I ever did. This painting was the first of a much larger painting than I had done before and the first to have semi precious stones incorporated in the art.  The centre star is gold leaf  and part of the process to lay it onto the work is by breathing onto the size before placing the leaf into position. I actively encourage people to touch these paintings and tune into the energies.

TRANSITION Transition was the final painting I did in the UK  and was completed on the day of my mothers death un be known to me at the time. At its centre is a relic of St. Brigid from the Vatican that was kindly given to me many years ago by a dear friend who is a priest in Chicago. Transition felt like I had achieved completion and until my arrival in Ireland in 2013 thought it would be my last painting. It became the start of a new awakening journey.


Mythic Circle

Cangleska Wakan- Sacred Circle


Pathway Through The Labyrinth

Stepping Into The Fire

Phoenix Rising

Opening To The Beloved


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Courtney Davis began his artistic endeavours in 1977 and has created art for over 50 publications on  various  Celtic, Viking, Arthurian and  spiritual themes.                  .
His work has been exhibited in the British Museum, various Cathedrals in the UK and in the USA, Japan and Europe.
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The Awakening Art Collection after a extraordinary powerful experience in 2011 that changed Courtney's life and  it  dramatically effected his art and totally transformed how he saw the world.

The first 5 paintings of the Awakening Collection follows Courtney’s transformation over a two year period between 2011-2012. The paintings that have been likened to portals that transport the viewer to a place of stillness, completeness and self-unity.