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The doors of the Tara Open Studio were opened for the first time in July 2014 for a two month exhibition of the art of Courtney Davis. The success of the exhibition encouraged the owner of the building to offer Courtney a permanent place to display his art, this very quickly began to develop into a gallery shop and then evolve again into a place for spiritual events.

3 years later the Tara Open Studio runs between 25 to 30 events each month as well as a creative open space for people to see the progress of Courtney’s  new art as it develops.

In the summer of 2014 Courtney set up a marquee in the grounds behind the gallery to run full day events, this proved extremely popular and was a great loss when it eventually had to be taken down in the Autumn. Thankfully there was a solution when it was suggested that a floor could be put into the roof space of the gallery,  the new   space  Courtney  named  Anam  Na  Teamhrach   ( Soul Of Tara) and became  a dedicated room for meditations, workshops, therapies, visiting spiritual groups and private events such as weddings and even gong bath hen parties

The space continues to evolve and will be interesting to see its development in the future.

We have two shrines in the gallery and offer an opportunity to people who come and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, to light a candle, choose a card from a range of packs that may perhaps guide their day.   

The Lifespirit shrine as evolved over the three years the gallery has been running, gradually in that time its slowly built up many offerings and you are welcome to light a candle or just sit quietly and relax in the atmosphere.

The Transition painting has a relic of St. Brigid at its centre, it seemed fitting to create a shrine here on Tara for her and the different women’s groups that use the gallery. Here you can burn an affirmation in our cauldron.