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Wednesday 7th, Tuesdayday 13th, Wednesday 21st and 28th


The second aspect of our workshop leads up to the Sacred Feast Day of Samhain / Halloween. In the Celtic Calendar, Samhain is honoured as New Years Eve and the changing from 1 year to another. As we prepare to release the old Energy of the closing year, we focus our intentions and awareness on the New Year and the invocation of new, vibrant Energy & life force, as we journey towards Samhain and the dissolution of the veils between worlds. This is an outwardly expression of the dissolution of the veils and walls that are constructed internally, between our present awareness and the realm of the Heart and Soul which dwells within.

The Third aspect of our workshop leads up to the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. At this time the Sun sits at its lowest point for 3 days and is then resurrected to climb higher into the sky each day until the Summer Solstice. We can utilise this time of year to explore our hibernation phase and the connection & discovery of our inner den/ subconscious. We move towards the reclaiming  & re-connection of our own inner light and the expression of the Divine & Soul aspects within us.  The reclaiming of our True selves is done without the fear of failure as everything is done in Divine Timing and in accordance with Divine will.  Our True state of Joy, Peace, Prosperity, Strength and Absolute Clarity as to the Divine nature of our being is calling and surfacing within us. We are just asked to be aware and enjoy the discovering journey that inevitably will unfurl within us and all around us.

Throughout the 9 week workshop we will be combining elements of Shamanic Healing, Angelic Alignments and Deep Connections with the Sacred Earth & Ancestors.  We will be establishing and maintaining connections with Divine Avatar Mother Meera, Amma,  Archangel Ariel, Archangel Michael and the realm of Celestiales, the Blessed Mother Earth and the True Christ Light – which dwells within the hearts of us all.

We will be calling into alignment our 3 Bodies – the Physical Body, The Soul Body and the Divine Body. When these are in alignment, the higher realms of Divine Grace can move through our physical body and heart centre to connect with the Soul body. This holds the space for the manifestation of the remembering of who we truly are – and always have been. The alignment of our Divinity in our earthly physical bodies.

This is a certified workshop and Certificates will be presented at the Completion on the Final Evening.

The Total Cost of the 9 Week Workshop is 350€. Or 300€ for early deposits recieved on or before August 30th. A Deposit of 100€ is required to secure a place. The remaining 250€ (or 200€) is to be paid on the first night or (by prior agreement) over the 1st 3 weeks of the course. If necessary, a more suitable payment plan can be applied also – please contact me for details. Places are limited so early booking is essential.

For any questions or to reserve a place, please contact me on
087-6928206 or middlelinetherapy@gmail.com. Rob.

On these evenings we will be aligning and connecting with the Deeper realms of the heart and Spirit. Journeying within to discover, re-connect and re-member the origin of Divine seed and potential that is unfolding within us. As we dissolve various aspects of ourselves that we no longer need, we are left with the pure light that is pulsing and moving through us at all times. Often, we are not aware of this light within us because we are busy or don't really believe it is there, however it is this life force that keeps us alive and if we spend a little effort to connect with it then this little effort can be the monumental force that helps us to shape and change our lives. To live in union with the source of all creation that is housed within our physical body. We journey inwards to the tune of our breath, guided meditation, sacred music and shamanic drumming. Look within - thats where the light is. 

To book a place or for more information - please contact Rob on 087-6928206 or middlelinetherapy@gmail.com   www.middlelinetherapy.com