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The purpose of shamanic healing is to restore balance, health and power within the life of a particular person or situation.  This is probably the oldest form of healing that is still practiced today. All indigenous cultures had their shamans and medicine healers. A shaman was someone who kept the spiritual and harmonious balance within the tribe or community. In the shamanic viewpoint everything is continuously achieving balance. If an illness develops within a person, there is imbalance somewhere within the life of that person. That imbalance could be in any area of the persons life or past. The shaman uses the imbalance as a doorway. The wound where the light can enter. Using the symptom as an access point, the shaman, using various methods can call upon the healing spirit of the person to track the imbalance back to an origin point and heal the imbalance at the point of origin. The healing spirit of the person can often show up in the form of an animal that carries in its "medicine" the healing qualities that the person needs at that particular time in their life. The Animal is representative of a part of the consciousness of the person. There is no power animal greater or less than any other, each carries its own unique form of medicine to help and heal wherever it can. Sometimes various other spirit helpers can show up-an Ancestor that has crossed over, an Angel, a particular Spirit Guide or sometimes the Energy of a physical location can show up to be channeled into the person. The shaman has his own Spirit helpers and power animals that help to guide him through to the root of an illness and they can advise him on how to proceed to achieve the best possible outcome.

Ancestral healing is a very important thread within the shamanic world because we all carry within our dna, strands and imprints of illnesses that are present in our dna lineage. We also carry the emotional baggage, addictions, beliefs, spiritual untruths, thought processes, fears, aggression's etc that are inherent within our particular lineages. In this sense, when we clear these from ourselves, we are also releasing them from our ancestors and preventing them from being passed down to our children. Breaking the link and sending the healing back through our lineage.

In Ireland, the Druidic tradition was the shamanic path. The Druids were the healers, poets, advisers and wise ones that maintained the balance of peace and harmony in times past. They possessed the spiritual sight to see beyond the realms of the physical world and communication with other realms were a large part of their tradition. More importantly, they possessed the wisdom and knowledge to bring the gifts and healing from other realms into physical manifestation, to help heal and empower the people that they served.

At Middle Line Therapy, the Druidic tradition of Ireland and the sacred connection with the Land and sacred sites are very much a part of the shamanic healing process, as are the sacred connections with the Ancestral forces of light and healing.

A Shamanic Healing session usually lasts from
 90 to 120 mins and the cost is 70 Euro.



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