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Sacha has trained in various healing communities in   -India - Southern Thailand -Guatemala and Tulum   Mexico. She is  a Reiki Master and will be teaching here now as well  as  offering  Reiki and integrated massage Therapy  at the Tara Open Studio.

In the future she will run small workshops in massage, workshops on the different Chakra's ( the psychology of each &- energy exercises  -in conjunction with intonation to clear  the field. Chant Chi Movementis  an active meditation  practice of transcending difficulty through devotional dance and voice - taught within a background of a Tibetan art and philosophy and the illustrated science of energy fields.


Extensive studies have documented the incredible emotional and physical benefits of touch and massage .  

“With Sacha @ Beyond wellness you are guaranteed a remedial and energising  treatment weather you have  30 - 60  or 90 minutes”.

Testimonial Jyoti Jaswani

“l had sprained my neck a few months prior to seeing Sacha in one 30 minute session she sorted it right out and finally got my muscles to relax and relieve the pain. She massages right to the core and makes sure you walk out with a smile on your face.”

The dedication and high standard of  Sacha’s work not only relieves aches and discomfort-the treatment time allows you insight and connection with your  body -furnishing you with  awareness in your daily activities .

Prevention really is better than cure.

It’s cheaper too.

Sacha gives clients simple effective tools to maintain the results of the massage therapy for longer and stay more supple thus avoiding  injury .

A Beyond Wellness massage increases your concentration, lowers your heart rate & promotes blood flow it  also increases the production of the ‘feel good’ hormones – endorphins- by the truckload- inspiring you to take better care of your precious self on a regular basis.

First she uses a combination of  Shiatsu – Deep/ Swedish and Pressure point -she then applies  the ‘No hands’ technique using her forearm to apply, time- pressure and weight to relieve deeper fascial tension -clearing  the ‘stale’ energy out through the Meridian system of the fingers.

This gives an enormous feeling of release and results in a feeling of lightness  ‘.

(The Meridian System is akin to a secondary Nervous System and directly connects to the  Chakra Energy centres of the Body as does the fascia ).

Testimonial Georgina Sayce’

Sacha is a radiant being she lifts my mood even before she starts working on me.

I have seen many practitioners over the years regarding a back problem and l can honestly say Sacha’s is the most effective by far”.

What is Reiki & what are the

Reiki is an ancient system of transmitting healing.

Plants thrive and all sentient beings benefit emotionally, spiritually and physically from its use.

Usui Reiki is a noble lineage over 2000 years old woven into Tibetan Buddhist principles-and practice.
  -Pupils receive a direct transmission or attunement from a Master teacher and take an oath to serve the Earth working for the highest good of all.

A collection of 4 Symbols  are used allowing  the practitioner to direct the required healing energy along with a corresponding mantra .

Using intention and Visualistion skills one learns how to  work around the body with  specific hand positions targeting areas that need help ..

The Human body needs  magnetism and light- Chi can be perceived as having both qualities-.

It also has its own  intelligence.

 ‘ Rei’ means Universal  and ‘ Ki ‘means Energy .  

If you’ve ever seen people practicing Tai Chi you’ll notice they are following perceivable currents of magnetic energy .

As you develop and grow in confidence you to will be able to PERCIEVE the magnetic quality of chi ..

 This ‘ Subtle Energy’ fills the Chakras - the Physical & Subtle body fields- furnishing us with a healthy vibrant  Aura -it’s essential for good health to have this & in our quest for wholeness, in times of growth - change or difficulty this sacred energy supports us and allows to begin to believe in our ability to change and  know categorically we our loved and part of a magical universe .

Regular treatment bolsters our  courage to leave old patterns of behaviour . It is truly remarkable.

Reiki may be used alone or in combination with massage and is a really fabulous secondary skill to acquire if you’re already a therapist .


All techniques applied with skill & PRECISION in conjunction with Reiki  and specially developed massage flow achieving profound  results for all.

Price  List

Integrated massage flow  €60 per hour.

Reiki & Chakra Balancing……  € 50 p.h  

Indian Head .......      € 30

Back,Neck & Shoulders....€30

Consessions  available .

One to one sessions  from  €50

Shiatsu Chair Massage for offices using Ergonomic Chair Available.

Discounts for group bookings

€25 per 30 minute session.of 4-5 people.

For further information on the therapies and book a

treatment please contact Sacha
on 089 941 5795

email: beyondwellness.org@gmail.com

Facebook :
Sacha Souter@ Beyond wellness