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Tree Of Life Rattle
Buffalo skin and Hawthorn

Moon Goddess Rattle Buffalo skin and Beech

Goddess Danu Rattle Buffalo skin and Beech

Serpent Smudger  Beech and
Duck & Goose Feathers

Ayanna Raiha is a Shamanic healer and artist. Born and raised in a small village in East Germany, she came to Ireland and has been living here 15 years ago. Due to her heritage, the ancient Norse shamanic traditions are close to her heart but her original training has been here in Ireland in Celtic and Andean Shamanism. Her work now combines all of these and embraces the beauty of walking a path connected to the land and an ancestral wisdom.

Like many others walking this path, she has used the shamanic training to heal herself and is now using the gifts granted by her ancestors in her healing work. Her work combines shamanic healing and craftwork with Reiki, Nutritional healing and Sound healing. Currently she is also training in Master Herbalism. The connection to the craftwork comes from her father, who has encouraged her love for art even as a child. He was a carpenter and so was his father and his father. This ancestral connection to wood shows in her craft work and the signature style engraved handles. Her work includes rattles, drumbeater, staffs, smudgers, protective pendants, talking sticks, rune sets, Ogham ,Runic inscriptions and many more.