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“This event promises to be something very special for the Tara Open Studio. One of my aims when I began organizing events here was to bring international people with various gifts to the Hill and for them to share their magic and for us to embrace and gain from that experience” . Courtney

Kasia Tercz is a graduate of Academy of Music in Łódź, Poland, ethnomusicology graduate
of Warsaw University.Kasia became fascinated by the sounds of the world, music and human voice possibilities as well as theater of movement and Japanese Botoh dance. Actress, theater music composer, vocalist of Irish band The Superthonic Orchestra, she is amulti-instrumentalist, teacher, promoter of development through body and sound. She works with artistic and education centers in Poland and abroad.
Kasia would like to invite you to an evening event of music andcontemplation. Together we will move to the land of music that relax and heal, support and cleanse and move the deepest strings of our existence. Inspiration for this music was spiritual search of the artist whose sees absolute in the art and experience. The spiritual dimension of the music became a reality for Kasia when she discovered the music and lyrics of Saint Hildegard of Binger – a 12th century mystic, composer and monk. Listening to the sounds and voices and sensing the accompanying emotions and metaphysical experiences inspired a new direction in her search and the works became Artist’s inspiration for the project “The Sounds of Elements”.
In her music Kasia uses nepalese bowls, gong, bells, stones, shells Jew’s Harp and her voice to create harmonious structure with the help of Voice Looper. Similarly, as in Butoh Dance, which is Kasia’s passion – the music is created in full awareness of “here and now”.
“The Artist must be aware of all states: emotional, physical and spiritual. I am a musician and the witness of music. It requires discipline” – paraphrase of Maya Dunska – Butoh dancer.        20 Euro  Contact Marta :  085 1031578     BOOKING ESSENTIAL