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I am the creator of Toothfaerie toothpaste and grateful to make this unique

product available to you.

I envisioned a new way to combine all nature’s best earth ingredients into brushing teeth. This recipe was designed to heal my mouth from the oral problems I faced such as gum disease and degradation of gum tissue. All are now healing well. Yes! Gums can grow and make a full recovery once we cleanse and fill our body with the right energies (but first eliminate all those synthetic chemicals from the environment and phytic acid from nuts and grains by soaking them)

My journey began when I decided to put an end the sickly feeling when I brushed my teeth every day with commercial and so called ‘healthier’ brands. I refused to expose the most sensitive parts of my body to synthetic, man-tampered chemicals and unnatural materials. Like plastic which disrupts our endocrine system – thyroid and parathyroid, resulting in symptoms of mental and physical disorders

E.g. Inbalanced weight and hormones, Hashimotos thyroid

Our mouths are sponges absorbing directly into our blood stream through gum tissue. My research discovered the method “Oil pulling”, so I added organic cold pressed oils and essential minerals to aid in healing society’s most common dis – eases.

For e.g. Depression is a symptom of magnesium and other deficiencies.

I made this product as affordable as possible for you. By purchasing this product you are supporting toothpaste direct from nature. I honour our earth’s medicines by not changing their chemical structure or synthesizing them. It is all handmade with loving intent and the best beneficial ingredients.

Love, Louise  x