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Women's Wisdom Circle

Treacy O Connor


Saturday  2nd December 7-10pm

We enter into the depths of Winter. We feel the darkness surrounding us like a cloak. How does it feel to be in this darkness? It might be a time of hibernation for some with the apparent sleeping of nature around us. But if we listen very closely, we can hear nature’s murmuring creativity deep beneath the fertile soil.

In times past, women would gather to    create together, to knit, to sow, to weave. So here’s an invitation for you to join with like hearted women, who don’t necessarily have the time to be still and create from their heart. Too often, our busy lives don’t afford us the luxury of expressing our     creativity, in whatever form it wants to emerge.
For this special circle, you are welcome to come and express your creativity with no judgement, with storytelling, sacred poetry, weaving, colouring, stitching, gluing,      cutting, drawing, whatever takes your    fancy! Take some time out before the   busyness of the season to gift yourself space and time to connect with your      creative self.

Pre-registration necessary to receive preparation guidelines

Contact Treacy O’Connor on: 085 1970 566

or email: oconnortreacy@gmail.com

Payment €20. Tea and biscuits provided. Doors open from 11.30am