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Minimum order on cards 50 ( €1.10 each) plus €10 postage & packing
Orders over 50 the cards  (€1 each) plus €10 postage & packing
Payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Please contact courtney at courtneyontara@gmail.com
 to place your order.

Born in universal consciousness and expressed though oneness Courtney Davis brings a gifted intuitive synergy to both his art and his healing practice.
There are times when both his art and healing coalesce into an indefinable flowing of love that transcends normal human awareness and expectations.

His long journey into oneness and his progression as a healer and teacher has enabled him to develop a healing modality that provides the grounding for his healing energy, which is born in universal consciousness and manifested though his physical form as a unique expression of oneness and it works on the physical, emotional and mental levels within an individual - assisting in the cleansing of deep seated issues so that those who experience both his healing and his art can reflect on their realisations and progress with their lives.”  

Art Giser (Founder Energetic NLP)